The New Normal?: The Benefits of Home Working  

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With the roadmap now in place for the end of lockdown measures, the return to standard working conditions is now about to start.


Following a year operating in a socially distanced Covid-19 environment, companies have adapted to a new way of operating with remote working proving itself to not only be a necessity but also a very convenient option that managers can still employ in the future.


Its ability to make office space less important, lower overheads and even improve both staff morale and productivity has legitimised it as an opportunity to become one of the biggest positives from all of this disaster.


With this new way of life, it has also offered key insights into the ways it is actually also superior to the humble office that has been seen as the only option until now.


One of the main benefits is the obvious flexibility it offers to daily life.

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Despite the expenses that are still often subsidised by the employer, the need for a home office means that the individual can create an office space that is designed perfectly for them.


There are obviously necessities such as a distinctive workspace away from the rest of the home to guarantee concentration, as well as a strong internet connection, a computer and any profession specific equipment.


However, the ability to pick a chair and a desk that fits the worker with comfortable and functional spaces rather than the inexpensive bare minimum in the normal work environment provides numerous health benefits.


There are many companies that have now moved to cash in on this growing market as they fit every need that the worker may have, whether that be the need to have a wow factor with a contemporary design aesthetic or simply specialist equipment.


This may come in all shapes and sizes such as corner cabinetry for small spaces, height adjustable desks or lumbar supportive chairs that support the ailments people suffer from on a day-to-day basis.


Home working is not the only option either as the technological advancements worldwide mean you simply only need your laptop to work anywhere and at any time with hotels, cafes, airports and co-working offices all being just as functional for work being brought into the daily life rather than living to work that sees a degradation of normal living.


These environments have even been optimised to provide wall sockets, strong Wi-Fi and comfortable furniture that all complies with all regulations.


Remote working is proving to have been a need that will now become integral in everyday life.  As company offices grow smaller and less necessary in certain lines of work, homes may end up being bought and sold simply to accommodate this new normal with a great need for spacious home offices that can hold safe, efficient and comfortable furniture.


Photo Credit: Paige Cody

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