The New Power Dressing

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When we think of power dressing, we think of sharp, fitting skirt suits, towering high heels and perfectly styled hair, hairspray-ed within an inch of its life. Power dressing meant maintaining femininity whilst also exerting the same power as their male counterparts. Whilst power dressing is still a thing, women still power dress, it’s taken a different turn. No longer are we required to wear heels to make us as tall as our tallest male colleague, or to wear a pencil skirt clinched so far in at the waist we can’t sit down. The new power dressing is less about structure, more about practicality and comfort. Gone are the days of you running for a train in six inch heels. Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo are the designers paving the way for a different type of power dressing, minimalistic power clothes. There are so many ways to embrace the new power dressing and here are just some of them.

Reliable and Practical: Blocks of colour are replacing dark suits. Gone are the days of impractical jackets you can’t move in, and heels are definitely not needed when trying this look. Practical clothes that will keep you warm and ensure you look smart are the keys to this look. Try a polo neck, and wool mix below the knee skirts or trousers teamed with a pair of smart trainers will keep you warm, comfortable and powerful at the same time.

Soft and quirky: This is a great trend if you love a quirky blouse or jacket. Softer pieces such as dresses and blouses teamed with tweed jackets and lace up shoes such as brogues or loafers will ensure that you won’t be compromising on your love of looking unique and quirky. Look to Jess from New Girl for inspiration, or your Nan.

Minimalist: On the opposite side of the new power dressing spectrum we have minimalism. Want to be as powerful as the men? Dress like them. Classic pieces that go with everything mean you will never have to worry about an outfit. Things such as a tartan skirt with stripes or a chunky knit teamed with flat brogues. Or even a utility jumpsuit with a chunky knit or tailored jacket and shiny flat boots. Choose practicality with this look, to make sure you’ll never be a step behind your male colleagues.

So there are three of the best ways to do the new power dressing, never again will you be uncomfortable at work.

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