The old market receives lifeline grant from Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recover Fund

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Brighton venue The Old Market has successfully received funding as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help it overcome the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they have a sustainable future, the Culture Secretary has announced today.

The Old Market, also known as TOM, is one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support. £257 million of investment has been
announced today as part of the very first round of the CRF grants programme being
administered by Arts Council England. Further rounds of funding in the cultural and heritage sector are due to be announced over the coming weeks.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“This funding is a vital boost for the theatres, music venues, museums and cultural
organisations that form the soul of our nation. It will protect these special places,
save jobs and help the culture sector’s recovery. These places and projects are
cultural beacons the length and breadth of the country. This unprecedented
investment in the arts is proof this government is here for culture, with further
support to come in the days and weeks ahead so that the culture sector can bounce
back strongly.”

Chair of Arts Council England, Sir Nicholas Serota, added:

“Theatres, museums, galleries, dance companies and music venues bring joy to
people and life to our cities, towns and villages. This life-changing funding will save
thousands of cultural spaces loved by local communities and international
audiences. Further funding is still to be announced and we are working hard to
support our sector during these challenging times.”

Director of The Old Market, Loretta Sacco, said:

“We would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone involved with awarding this
grant for The Old Market. With this funding, we can now continue to provide for our
local community, the city that we love and for the culture sector as a whole,
delivering an innovative and bold programme for audiences, whilst also offering
opportunities for artists, performers and freelancers.”

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