The Piercadilly Line: If Brighton Had a Tube

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Brighton, for many, is London-by-sea.

But it is so much more than that; it is it’s own bubble, own world. There is nowhere in the UK like Brighton, and that is a well documented fact. It has it’s own sections, each with their own unique personality that isn’t replicated anywhere else across the city.

And with Southern Rail performing to the worst of it’s capable abilities, a tube would be a godsend.

Hanover, Kemp Town or London Road are all unique in their own ways. They all have their own quirks and features that for one reason or another make them desirable. I think that a tube is deserved in Brighton, simply to increase the feeling of specificity? Local artist Sean Sims created The Brighton Line in 2010, and has updated it to incorporate local eyesore the 1360. Imagine a Brighton linked with our very own Albion Line?

Brighton Line
Local artist Sean Sims portrayl of what it would look like

Many of the countries other major cities have their own rapid transportation system. A tram would work wonders getting us up and down the hills; and make our mirroring of San Fran that bit more credible. I know we do have a number of train stations – and that’s fine – but Southern are hardly being credible nowadays are they? If ever they were, that is.

A tube service would undoubtedly enhance this city, it would increase the tourist industry by offering them a quick and easy way to manoeuvre the city streets. On the other hand, it would offer an option for those of us who get sick of the crowded streets on a Saturday filled with day trippers, it would give a convenient way to make our journey. And, it would mean less time at Brighton Station enduring delays, bare boned timetables and expensive coffee. And, offer a well deserved boycott to Southern. Boo Southern.

Take the Stag & Hen, or my personal favourite the Volks Line to get yourself through the city whilst avoiding the drunks, students and day trippers. We could unite Brighton by offering momentary escape from the real world whilst you ride the Portsalado line to Seven Dials.

We could have a Southern Line that never ran, or the Piercadilly?

What would you call the lines?

Check out some of Sean Sims other work here. Featured Image via Flickr. 

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