The Top 5 Music Videos Filmed In Brighton & Hove

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As we already know, there are many films that made their name in Brighton, but what about music videos? So look no further, we’re here to showcase the top 5 best music videos filmed in Brighton & Hove.

1. Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets

Hailing from Brighton, of course this duo would have to make at least one appearance on the list (hint hint). Down With The Trumpets was Rizzle Kicks’ first official single and it got them off to a great start. So it’s good to see them appreciating their roots, with this video primarily being filmed on Hove Lawns and seafront. Fun fact: When Jordan is seen on the Hove Lawns he says the line “I got grass stains on my brand new white trainers”.

2. Cornershop – England’s Dreaming

Going old school now with Cornershop’s 1994 hit (yes, before Brimful of Asha was all we knew them for), which features plenty of iconic Brighton scenery. Filming in and around Brighton, this video prominently features Brighton Palace Pier. In fact if you skip to 2:06 you get a great shot of it!

3. Skream & Example – Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

Skream is a name so familiar to the students of Brighton, you could almost base a drinking game around it. Despite hailing from Croydon, he’s made his fair share of appearances at local clubs and venues. This 2011 collaboration between him and rapper Example showcases much of Brighton’s nightlife (albeit a little rowdier than usual…) Look out for the streets where you’d expect to see club-goers congregate after a night out. Fun fact: The end of the video was filmed inside Audio (now Patterns).

4. Rizzle Kicks (Again) – Prophet (Better Watch It)

Even before Down With The Trumpets, there was Prophet. Released as Rizzle Kicks’ promotional single in 2011, originally being offered as free, this video is more than impressive. Comprising of 960 graphic stills to create a stop motion video, Rizzle Kicks once again highlighted their hometown. Although many of the shots took place inside, we had to include this on the list for the gorgeous view of the seafront at the end! Fun fact: This song found the duo an unlikely fan in Stephen Fry when he tweeted, “loving the old school hip hop sounds of Rizzle Kicks”.

5. Love Reign O’Er Me – The Who

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Last but certainly not least, The Who’s iconic single from their 1973 album Quadrophenia. The last single on their second rock opera album, this was also featured in the film of the same name. You can see why not only the song, but the video has stood the test of time. Featuring angsty views of Brighton Beach, the Palace Pier and more, this video arguably showcases Brighton better than any other that has come or gone since.

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