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Brighton Journal | 27th May 2020

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There Is Still Time To Catch A Fun Summer Festival In Sussex

There Is Still Time To Catch A Fun Summer Festival In Sussex
  • On 17th August 2018

Summertime is in full bloom. Everyone’s most favourite time of the year truly encourages outdoor activities and socializing with friends. In places like Brighton, you can find plenty of those on regular basis, as well as have a chance to be a part of something bigger like a festival.

As you may be well aware, there is always something to do around Sussex and the area of Brighton and Hove. Because of the favourable weather conditions, people tend to take advantage of many fascinating affairs presented to them.

A special case of events that bring like-minded people closer together is always the festivals. Preferably out in the open and with engaging fun activities planned, they can really be a great way to spend some time on the things we like. The best ones become a local showcase attraction and make us come back next year. No matter what will we be doing on suchlike occasions, it comes the stage when we could use a little snack. Eating out is always nice, especially if you are able to taste new things and learn something about different cultures in the process.

There is the two-day event next weekend that presents the perfect opportunity. At the
Brighton Thai Festival, we will have a chance to try some of the traditional Thai cuisine, or even participate in the unique eating competition. All accompanied by attention-grabbing, remarkable performances that will include entertainment provided by Buddhist monks, Muay Thai boxing, Thai massages, Ladyboy show, and characteristic music and dancing.

To quite literally spice things up, one can take part in the annual celebration of chilli and similar hot food which is happening between 14 th and 18 th September (Fiery Foods Festival 2018). Just in time to say a proper goodbye to the summer.

We all know that burning off the excess calories, although not as satisfying as absorbing them in the first place, is equally important, if not more. Not a bad way to do it is by dancing. You can learn how to tap dance or watch the professionals put on amazing shows at Brighton Tap Festival (31 August – 2 September).

The opposite approach to relaxing could involve a stopover at Rendezvous Casino which
is a home for many exciting poker tournaments where you can spend few hours on a captivating
activity that also gives you a chance to win money prizes. Visiting one of the best suchlike
establishments the city has to offer will certainly be a great experience for newcomers, as well as a nice change of scenery from free or real money websites for dedicated players.

The next big thing will be the Sky Poker Tour (17-19 th August), with satellites to the event being held at the moment.

Finally, the party people of legal age will rejoice at the news of two stimulating occurrences to have in mind this summer. The first one is for the wine enthusiasts. This mini-festival will be held on the 25 th of August at Ridgeview Wine Estate in East Sussex. On the first and second of September,

another great prospect will arrive on the Brighton Promenade. This will be the time for Sussex Gin Fest where you can treat yourself to various locally distilled specials, as well as other drinks and food.

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