“There’s nothing quite like Brighton people” Humans of Brighton – Meet Emily

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The Brighton Journal team set out this week to find another alluring Human of Brighton. We were lucky enough to meet the lovely, smiling Emily, who has just finished her degree at UEA in Norwich and reflected on coming back to the seaside city after three years away.

Despite enjoying a pint at Crowns Brighton near Churchill Square with a friend, she was happy to talk to the team about her favourite city and the place she calls home.


What brings you back to Brighton now that you’ve finished your degree?

First of all its much cheaper for me to live at home, but when I left in the first place to go to uni I found really hard to find somewhere that’s as cool as Brighton. So in that sense, I feel like it’s a place I’ll always be drawn to and want to come back to.


What do you think your favourite thing about the city is?

I think the people, because everyone is so inclusive. There’s nothing quite like Brighton people. You can do whatever you want and nobody will bat an eyelid which is so nice. I feel it especially coming from Norwich, which is really small, and people tend to be far more farmer-esque!


Emily expressed her love for the people of Brighton

Do you feel like people tend to be more judgemental in Norwich?

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I do… I think it’s so much easier to be yourself in Brighton.


What is your least favourite thing about the city? Or something you would change if you could?

Um… get rid of the seagulls?



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