Thinking of studying a degree in fashion?

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Brighton plays host to an eccentric and eclectic fashion scene, with bustling shops and a busy high street we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a new item for our already excessive wardrobes. But with the stigma of working in fashion and the competitive dog-eat-dog industry it entails, we researched where to study in and around Brighton to get the most out of your time and to ensure that your foot is well and truly through that fashion door.

The University of Brighton presents a wide spectrum of fashion courses offering those from a Fashion and Communication with Business Studies Degree to a Retail Management Degree. With so much to choose from and so much pressure of a 3 year course it is hard to make a final decision as to where to study. Brighton University offers an exciting and energetic design philosophy, fashion research excellence and strong links with the fashion industry to ensure you are getting the most out of your degree. It offers 18 Undergraduate fashion courses all taught by experienced professionals and with the fashion industry contributing nearly £21 billion to the UK economy and it being the largest employer of all the creative industries – these courses are designed to respond to the high demands from the industry.

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Fashion courses are primarily delivered through a diverse mix of lectures, seminars, practical work and tutorials all with the aim to inform and inspire, allowing you to get your creative ideas flowing. Each course is different in regards to entry requirements but most fashion courses usually require a portfolio of your previous work, this is very beneficial to have if your grades don’t meet the demands of the course, it can usually give you an added chance for a place.

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So why study at Brighton? Not only does it have a distinguished reputation and a well-established programme of fashion and textile courses, the teaching staff are all experienced professionals and that type of industry experience that they can offer cannot be bought. Their facilities offer photography studios, a darkroom, laser cutters and Mac suites just to name a few, and set in the heart of sunny Brighton is more than enough persuasion to be a considerable contender.


I studied a degree in Fashion Media and Promotion at Northbrook College in Goring-By-Sea. I originally wanted to study English at Brighton, but from taking a gap year and working in the industry I decided that a fashion degree would prove more beneficial for where I could see my career heading. Northbrook offer 3 fashion related courses, each programme aims to provide a learning environment that stimulates the development of creative practitioners, designers and fashion communicators, to ensure that they are equipped with essential skills and knowledge for future careers within the fashion and textile industries.

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The resources on hand at Northbrook range from design studios to a knitting workshop and a fabric library to pattern cutting suites. Many fashion courses, much like the ones offered here, offer a work experience or a placement year and from personal experience I believe this is the most beneficial way to gain a realistic idea and vital experience in the industry. What sets apart Northbrook when compared to other Universities is its small group sizes of teaching practice which provides a more one-to-one thorough learning platform and perspective. Although Northbrook might seem a bit of a trek being outside of Brighton, if your looking for a more one-to-one teaching basis and a calmer atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

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For my final project at University I created my own streetwear inspired swimwear brand, Urban Haze. Below is the promotional video I created for it –

Choosing a University to study fashion may feel like a daunting task as there are so many options out there, but in reality most offer very similar courses and similar specifications. For me, the surroundings of where you’re studying and where you’re living play a huge role, and what better place to be than Brighton? With the beach right on your doorstep and a buzzing nightlife to let your hair down at the weekends, this south coast city truly has it all to gain the most from your Uni experience.

Written by Kerry McCauley

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