Tips For Running Your First Half Marathon

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You need a solid base run under your feet. If you can run up to three miles you are ready to begin training for your first half marathon.

  1. Make sure you have this base before beginning your training, otherwise you will be prone to injury and more likely to hurt yourself as you will be overtraining.
  2. Plans can last 10 to 16 weeks, picking a longer plan gives your more wriggle room if you do get hurt or sick in the mean time.
  3. Ensure on days you aren’t running you rest or cross train, cycling and swimming are good examples of light resistance training which will help you maintain good form whilst running long distances and fight off fatigue.
  4. Practice the pace you will run during the race as you don’t want to start out running too fast and tire yourself out too quickly.
  5. Get someone to hold you accountable, whether that be a friend, running partner or roommate you will need someone to make you run when you feel like you can’t. You will thank them come race day when you’re more prepared.
  6. Try and test out sports drinks/gels in advance as you don’t know how your body will react to them. The half marathon here in Brighton will be giving out Lucozade sport so train with that or use a hydration belt to store your preferred drink.
  7. Stretch!! And use a foam roller or get a sports massage it is so important to look after your body!
  8. You will chaff, so train in your race clothes as you will regret it if not! Have the right running shoes, that is really important.
  9. It will be a mental fight, be prepared for that.
  10. Have fun, you are probably running for a good cause and have worked really hard for this! Enjoy it.
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