The Treason Show return to Brighton with comedic annual review!

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The iconic sketch group, The Treason Show, are back for their 18th-year to perform their best moments from 2018. 

After a turbulent twelve months in politics, 2018 offers up a lot to reflect on before bringing in the new year. Exhibiting their interpretation, The Treason Show theatre group are performing all their best songs and sketches from over the past year in Brighton and across Sussex this December. 

Now on its 18th year, the group’s ‘Best-of’ review is an eagerly anticipated New Year’s event in Brighton and Hove. Audiences have been captivated by this particular fast-paced sketch show since 2003 as a reflection of news events in the UK and world current affairs. 

“The tool of ridicule may not change the world, but laughing at it certainly gets you through the pain.”

Founded by Mark Brailsford, the show began regular performances at Komedia for nine years before moving to the Brighton Dome Pavilion. Their base is now most commonly at Horatio’s on Brighton’s Palace Pier, with a team comprised of over 30 writers and multi-talented sketch performers. 

Brighton Fringe award winner and artistic director, Mark Brailsford, told Brighton Journal how the annual review show first started: “We’ve been doing the ‘best of’ review of the year since 2003, the year of the piers catching fire, the original title of the best of edition came from that year, in fact. ‘That Was The Pier That Was’, the title, stuck and ever since The Treason Show review of the year has been ’That Was The Year That Was’. It’s been a sell-out hit every year since, it’s now almost become a tradition!”

The group began their first show of the year in February, as ‘TWTYTW’ is an amalgamation of a year’s worth of their shows. Detailed preparation only started at the end of November and so writers and performers have been working intensely to identify the sketches which best reflect the past twelve months. 

Mark Brailsford, Founder and Artistic Director © The Treason Show

In a momentous year of news, the writers and performers in The Truman Show have enjoyed working hard shed light onto often darker moments: “With real life out-satirsing our style of comedy at the moment, it’s certainly a challenge, but we’ve loved rising to this challenge and I’m rather enjoying doing the show at the moment as it’s in great form. With everyone so fed up with Brexit form whichever side you come from, I look at it objectively for the show and see our job as to cheer everyone up by laughing at it all.”

With just two week’s worth of rehearsal time, Mark explained what the audience can expect from The Truman Show’s reflection of 2018: “A full on gag fest, lighter than previous shows as we’re dialling down the Brexit stuff to focus on the broad range of other madcap lunacy in the world, I see my mission this year as more to cheer everyone up with a fun and upbeat edition full of great parody songs.” 

“With real life out-satirsing our style of comedy at the moment, it’s certainly a challenge.”

Other subjects the audience will see featured are the Royals, Brighton politics like the city’s hipsters and the i360, Gareth Southgate, Salisbury spies, Scottish pandas, and delayed trains. Mark said: “It’s a bumper edition in an authentic cabaret setting in the newly revamped Horatio’s on the pier and I can’t wait to get it on.”

In bleaker times, satire often relieves our stress and discomfort through comedic interpretations. Although comedy is a temporary solution to these societal problems, Mark and the team enjoy bringing a collective sense of relief to their audiences. 

“The tool of ridicule may not change the world, but laughing at it certainly gets you through the pain. There’s something wonderfully British about taking-the-mickey out of it all and there is nothing like the catharsis of shared laughter at a show to make you feel better about the mess our politicians are making of it all, and I mean all of them.”

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The Treason Show’s ‘TWTYTW’ performances will run from 8.30pm (doors 7pm) 27-30th Dec and 6pm (doors 6pm) on 31st for an earlier show. Tickets are available online from £18.50 & £16.50 (concessions).  

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