What would UKIP do for Brighton and Hove?


UKIP (UK Independence Party) have never won a seat on Brighton and Hove City Council, but came fourth at the last election with over 13,000 votes. The eurosceptic party is running eleven candidates this year, so what would UKIP councillors do for Brighton and Hove?

Their manifesto for Brighton has six themes; housing, law and order, education, culture, the environment and public service provision.


UKIP would build more council homes and prioritise local people. They aim to end ‘queue-jumping’ from people outside of the city.

Law and order

The party wants to improve the visibility and effectiveness of policing in the city. UKIP is also committed to keeping the city clean and would not tolerate graffiti and ‘aggressive begging’.


UKIP councillors would oppose the closure of special educational needs schools. The party also wants to see children with English as a second language receive English language lessons to prepare them to participate in education.

As well as this, the party wants an alternative to the Council’s Trans Inclusion SchoolsKit. It favours a resource park created by Transgender Trend, a group of ‘concerned parents’ campaigning against the ‘transgender narrative’.


UKIP would work with community, commercial and charity partners to preserve the city’s culture and heritage.


The party would prioritise policies which improve traffic flows to tackle air pollution, whilst maintaining pedestrian safety.

They would also improve the safety of streets by fixing hazards, such as uneven pavements, caused by poor maintenance.

Public service provision

UKIP are critical of government cuts to child and adult social care. They would seek to ensure all available funds are used to provide public services.

The party want to increase the provision of public toilets, with greater disabled access and changing facilities.

They would also liaise with CityClean, who run the city’s refuse collection service, to ensure regular waste and recycling collections.


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