‘United We Stream’ comes to Brighton

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Author: Laura Ferguson

Brighton has joined cities across the globe this month with the launch of ‘United We Stream’, a movement that showcases music, culture and art from our best loved venues across the city. 

United We Stream is a movement that provides an online platform for people to enjoy the arts whilst at home. The idea first began in Berlin during lockdown but has since grown to be a far-reaching movement, with 65 cities participating across the globe.

Their online events are free to attend but the organisation welcomes donations, all of which go towards supporting Brighton’s bars, clubs, venues, restaurants, freelancers and performers. Cultural organisations and charities will also receive a share of the proceeds. 

There will be online events every weekend, although the full schedule is still to be confirmed. Brighton and Hove residents and people across the world will able to experience the city’s diverse and vibrant art scene from the comfort of their living rooms. United We Stream commented on the launch of their project in Brighton:

“We will be streaming live bands, DJ’s, singers and performers, to entertain, educate and enrich you in your home with added Brighton rainbow infused quirk. 

“United We Stream Brighton will be live soon with a donations page, where you can watch for free. All we ask is that you buy a ‘virtual ticket’ for whatever price you want, to enjoy the channel.”

Amongst the venues featured include the British Airways i360, Enter Gallery, The Tempest, Big Beach Café and The Brighton Centre. Many other venues will also be participating and will give residents the opportunity to support local businesses and performers.

The effects of Covid-19 on the performing arts sector are undeniable and many organisations have been forced to close their doors for good across the nation. Joining the United We Stream movement is an important step towards saving our cultural economy. 


Brighton United We Stream website

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Brighton United We Stream Facebook

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Featured Image: © Joseph Pearson

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