Veganuary: Why Brighton is one of the best places in the country to get involved

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The UK is home to around 600,000 vegans, people who won’t consume any products containing animal products.  Every year, people across the country, and around the world, use January as an opportunity to better themselves. Usually in the form of New Year’s resolutions. Luke Pollitti reports

In recent years, ‘Veganuary’ has become more and more popular. In which meat eaters will spend the month living as vegans, swearing off all animal products.  Here in Brighton, we have an abundance of vegan cafés and even places to buy vegan clothes! Taking part this month could not be any easier.  

What is Veganuary?

Every year, thousands of Brits do away with meat products. According to the Veganuary website this year is no different, over 580,000 people, from 209 countries are making the change this month. 

But how easy is it? 

With the number of vegetarian and vegans rising year by year, it’s never been easier. The Veganuary website itself is brimming with all things plant-based. You can grab a free cookbook, detailing recipes for every meal of the day. Or read through the sites blog to get advice and help before you make the switch. 

Brighton could arguably be the best place for you to make the switch. Not only are more and more restaurants offering veggie and vegan options, here in Brighton we have oodles of solely vegan establishments. And not only for food!

Plant-based Kicks!

If you wanted to get fully engrossed this month, why not pick up a new pair of plant-based kicks from Vegetarian Shoes. A shop specialising in sustainable footwear right here in Brighton. 

Robin, who started the business in 1990 used to make all of the shoes by hand, teaching himself how to make shoes after leaving art college. As demand began to rise, he decided to let a factory take over the shoemaking, but they remain animal free to this day.

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Where to go for grub

Now we get to the important bit. What are the best places for Vegan food in The Queen of Watering Places? Unlike other places around the country, Brighton is brimming with small, independent restaurants and cafes whose sole focus is everything plant-based. From small cafes to fancy restaurants, take your pick from the list below to start your Veganuary journey. 

The Roundhill Pub 

This pub, located on Ditchling Road, offers a 100% plant-based menu. The pub boasts an array of fresh food alongside various wines and vegan cocktails. Alongside the Roundhill, the owners also run two sister restaurants in Lewes. Needlemakers Café offers vegan breakfasts and lunch with beer and coffee made in Lewes. As well as the café, Roundhill also own Kokedama. A small plates restaurant designed to give you a fancy, plant-based evening. The restaurant is closed at the moment however there are plans for a new venue opening soon in Brighton. Keep your eyes peeled.


Now, if you haven’t been persuaded to give this month a shot. Maybe Purezza will do that. Opening its doors in 2015, it became the first vegan pizzeria in the entire UK. Alongside the fully vegan menu, 95% of the is also gluten-free! This pizza joint proudly displays its lab-made, plant-based mozzarella, showing that just because you’ve made the change, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the old classics. 


Nothing says a good night-out quite like a kebab. Now a British staple, Beelzebab have stepped up to the plate and revolutionised. Go and enjoy a 100% meat-free kebab. Not only do they have kebabs on offer but a range of classical comfort-food, from hot-dogs to doughnuts. This great twist on a high-street classic really does open the door to what vegan food can be. 

Terre a Terre 

Describing themselves as one of the most exciting vegetarian restaurants in the UK, Terre a Terre are extremely passionate about conservation. Focusing their work on giving more back than they take. Unlike other restaurants on this list, Terre a Terre also has vegetarian options. So maybe you’ve taken the leap to give Veganuary a try, but your significant other cant be tempted. What better way to comprise than in this community centred business!

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