Vegetable Cocktails Are In…And They’re Brilliant

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We at Bjournal love sharing new health trends with you, but this one we really wanted to keep to ourselves. However, let this be our Valentine’s Day present to you as we introduce the healthy cocktail. Savoury alcoholic cocktails are now being offered in London’s hottest bars, combining alcohol with herbal, veggie and meaty flavours (bear with us, it does get better). Even Marks & Spencer are upgrading their veggie juices to include a pea and mint vodka. Now, this is where it gets good because these drinks can actually be good for you.

Avocado Margarita

Firstly, these vegetable cocktails can be seriously low in sugar. According to Gabriela Peacock who is a nutritional therapist at Grace Belgravia, “replacing a can of gin and tonic with a vegetable-based cocktail cuts at least six teaspoons of sugar”. It’s a good way to up your vitamin and mineral intake, she continues “You could start with an avocado-based flavour, as it’s healthy fat that’s also good for your skin”. Alcoholic drinks, particularly cocktails, are packed full of empty calories, so these vegetable cocktails can be seriously less in calories. Nutrionist Julie Montagu said “cocktails can clock up ‘empty’ calories and, apart from a temporary kick of energy, offer little nutrition. Instead, choose a cocktail with beetroot, which can reduce water retention, or cayenne pepper, which speeds up your metabolism”. Montagu continues to explain how these cocktails can actually boost your immune system, she says “Combining your drink with superfoods may give a boost when it comes to fighting bugs and viruses, go for something with iron-boosting spinach, ginger- a great antiseptic – or bone juices, which are good for digestion”.

Beetroot Cocktial – image fro

We’ve given you some pretty good reasons to jump on the healthy cocktail bandwagon, but if you aren’t convinced, let us present you the best argument for a cucumber mojito. “Syrupy cocktails have been linked to hangovers mainly because they mask the taste of alcohol, leading us to drink more, savoury cocktails can help keep blood-sugar levels more balanced – reducing the likelihood of a headache the next day” Montagu states. Hear that? Less of a hangover. Incredible.

To kick start this new way of life, we’ve provided a vegetable cocktail for you to make this weekend.

EL BULLI by Erik Lorincz, head bartender at The Savoy’s American Bar

  • 45ml tequila infused with black pepper
  • 15ml agave nectar
  • 30ml lime juice
  • A thin slice of avocado
  • 25ml pineapple juice

Method Blend and shake all ingredients, and double strain into glass. Garnish with smoked paprika dust.

Holly Martin

recipe from Glamour Magazine UK

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