Victoria Secret set to embrace all women with new brand image

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The iconic lingerie brand Victoria Secret has gone through a major shake up over the past year, with the pandemic adding to the list. In November 2019 it was announced that the annual Victoria Secret fashion show was not going to go ahead this year due to the plummeting figures the show has received since 2018. Written By Nicola Wright

The sexy lingerie brand launched its first glittering annual event in 1995 and soon became a big household name being watched around the world by millions each year. With its stunning 6ft plus models, contributing to their successful careers Hedi Klum and Miranda Kerr are just two big names who have taken part in the show along with hundreds of other models from all over the globe. With its dazzling multi- million pound bra on display and various music artists taking to the long runway to perform, there is no wonder the lingerie show has proven to be a marketing success with roaring sales throughout the years.

But sadly it all came crashing back to reality at the end of last year. With the announcement that the show will not be aired and with criticism over the lack of diversity that the brand is portraying emerged even stronger then before. In an interview with Vogue, Ed Razek who was then-chief marketing officer for L Brands advised that transsexuals should not be allowed to take part in the event, causing a huge backlash of negative criticism which then led to Mr Razek stepping down from his position at the start of last year.

Moving into 2020 and before the crisis started evolving with the pandemic, in February it was announced that the fashion retail brand L brands would be selling 55% of its company and with boss Leslie Wexner stepping down in the process as part of the deal to separate Victoria Secret apart from the brand and allowing it into another private company in order to “restore its business growth”. With the recent pandemic crisis hitting the vast majority of industries no mater the size, Victoria Secret was no exception. In July 2020 it was announced that the fashion retailer Next has agreed to take control of the brand within the U.K, fighting off various amounts of competition from other retailers including Marks and Spencers during these unprecedented times.

Even with financial backing and the slow steps of creeping back into normality, it is still going to take a large amount of change in order for the huge success to come back to the brand. It was announced in April that the brand have brought in two new brand ambassadors Yang Mi and Zhou Dongyu whom are both well known celebrities in China with well established acting careers both adding to the reshaping of the brands new image. Ms Yang was quoted “I want to make sexiness a natural expression in life, and it to become a more positive and beneficial force”.

Author Nicola Wright

With the footings in place to shake up the brands image that it is currently portraying within the public eye and to gain the success it’s previously been used to achieving, the brand is going to have to introduce big significant changes, from the models that are walking the future runway to the creative fashion designers creating the beautiful garments for all women across the globe.

Having been a fan Victoria Secret for many years, I believe the time has been drawing close for awhile for such redesign in the brand. It’s time to introduce new adventures and for the brand to step forward with the new generation.

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