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If you are looking to give back to your community here in Brighton, we have a few places in which we believe are important to support. Volunteering is not only a wonderful thing to do for someone else, it is also such a rewarding experience. I promise you won’t feel like it is all giving, you will learn something or get something back. When the world can feel lonely and isolating it is people like you who volunteer that remind us where humanities light is!

Working with young people: Fun in Action is looking for an adult to befriend children aged 4-16 years who have grown up in disadvantaged families or from lone-parent families. The opportunity will take up around 3 hours of your week and spans over two years so that you become a trusted confidant to the child. For more information go to their website.

Working with the homeless: The Clock Tower Sanctuary in Brighton and Hove offer so much support for the homeless. From emergency food and showers to helping the homeless move on in their lives they need all the volunteers they can get. Find out how you can help here.

Working with people who have dementia: Brighton and Hove Food Partnership have created a gardening project for those suffering from dementia. The role involves working with participants and being friendly and supportive. For more information click here.

Working with women: The Survivors Network supports people who have been victims of sexual violence and abuse in Sussex. They offer a helpline, counselling and much more. If you want to get involved visit there website.

Working with people who struggle with their mental health: Mind is always looking for extra help. They try to challenge stigmas around mental health, advocate for mental health, and offer advice and information. If you want to look at their volunteer opportunities click here.

If you are looking for a more specific role check out these sites:

Do It 

Community Works

If you do end up volunteering for any of these places, or anywhere else for that matter. Thank you on behalf of Brighton Journal!

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