Watch Out For Colourful Swim Caps Popping Up In The Sea This Saturday!

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Two weeks ago, the sea around the old West Pier was full of all sorts of floating vessels when Brighton’s paddle fans launched themselves into the ocean for the yearly Paddle Round The Pier and the Paddle Something Unusual. This Saturday, you can watch some of South England’s bravest swimmers take on the fight against the water to complete the annual Pier To Pier Swim.

At 3 pm on Saturday, participating swimmers will enter the water down at the beach near the old West Pier and race the roughly 1050m over to the Palace Pier. To complete the race, they will have to access the pier via steps that will be put up for the occasion. Canoes and safety boats will accompany the swimmers all the way from one pier to the other.

Photo via Twitter. Credit @ Simon Dack.
Photo via Twitter. Credit @ Simon Dack.

The trophies will be handed over on the pier once everyone has made it safely to the finish. Other than the men’s and women’s category, juniors, veterans, and seniors will be taken into consideration when it comes to handing over the prizes. 71 swimmers took part in the event last year.

Organised by the Brighton Swimming Club since 1936, the race is open to competitive swimmers who are registered with swimming associations. The competition is part of the open water championships held by Swim England South East.

If conditions turn out to be too rough this weekend, the swim will be postponed to Saturday, July 22. In this case, start will be at 12 pm.

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