What Are Some Signs of a Toxic Relationship?

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Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean your relationship is a healthy one. Toxic relationships may look passionate from the outside, but behind closed doors, volatile situations can mean you wind up behind bars. You may not have done a thing to harm your partner, but they could still call the cops and fabricate a story about you being the aggressor.

This is why it’s important to know how to spot some of the key signs of a toxic relationship before it’s too late.

 No Trust

Healthy relationships have security, stability, and trust. In a toxic relationship, your partner may constantly call you to ask where you are. They may even accuse you of cheating even if you’re at work. There’s little doubt things are toxic when they often show up at your place of work unannounced.

 Hostile Communications

In toxic relationships, communications are often hostile. If there’s lots of yelling, name-calling, or throwing and breaking things, the situation can get out of hand very quickly.

 Attempts to Control You

You may be a couple, but you have the right to your own beliefs and actions. You should never feel like you are being controlled by your partner via threats or being separated from your friends and family.

 Always Feeling Emotionally Drained

Every relationship you have should make you feel good about yourself. If you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s the complete opposite. The time and mental energy it takes to contend with an unhealthy relationship can deplete you spiritually and emotionally. You may find that other areas of your life suffer, such as work or physical health.

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 You Make Excuses for Their Behavior

If your friends and family have noticed the toxicity in your relationship, you may try to defend your partner. If you claim that they don’t know them the way you do, it may be time to pull off the blinders and take a close look at your relationship.

 The Police Have Been to Your Home

One of the most troubling signs of a toxic relationship is when the police are called to your home. Perhaps a neighbor overheard the arguing and called the authorities. Your partner may have even started the whole thing and threw things at you before calling the police to report that you attacked them.

 This tumultuous situation can have serious legal consequences, even if you did nothing wrong. With a domestic violence conviction, you’ll face more difficulties in finding a good job, you may lose your professional license, and you could have trouble renting a place to live. You will also lose your right to bear arms.

If you are facing domestic violence charges because your toxic relationship has led to one too many calls to the police, you should contact a domestic violence attorney immediately. You will want someone that comes to your defense with evidence of your toxic relationship and how it has put you in this predicament. 

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