What is This Mindfulness “Everybody” is Talking About?

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Mindfulness is a word that keeps cropping up at the moment, and mindfulness courses are becoming increasingly common. But, what is it?

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice and it is a simple concept that means we pay attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. It is supposed to help with anxiety, stress, and mental health as well as lower blood pressure. It increases our awareness, clarity and acceptance of our present-moment reality. Mindfulness helps train our attention, and by allowing us to train our attention we are less likely to be dominated by external worries, and less likely to be overcome by the stress of everyday life. We tend to do certain things on auto-pilot, the commute to work, your regular workout routine, even showering and making dinner can be done on auto-pilot. Mindfulness helps take us off auto-pilot, and allows us to stop and consider our surroundings, and what is happening around us at that moment. If you walked into your garden, you would probably start thinking about how you need to mow the lawn, or cut the hedge back. But a child would immediately take in their surroundings, and be focused on what’s happening at that very moment. Mindfulness enables us to stop thinking about things that are not affecting us at that very moment in time, and to enjoy the present day. That doesn’t mean you should start picking up worms though.

Although it seems like an easy practice, it takes time to perfect the ability to clear your head and to focus your attention on the present day. Mindfulness courses are something that have become increasingly popular and there are mindfulness courses here in Brighton. Mindfulness Brighton offer eight week courses either one-to-one or in groups, and these two hour sessions go through mindfulness practices, exploration and discussion as well as related exercises from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. There are CD’s and downloads to continue to practice at home and it is hoped by the end of the eight week course you will have developed the skills to practice mindfulness in every-day life. For many of us, in this day and age, we are unable to find the time to sit down and have some peace and quiet, so finding the time to practice mindfulness will seem downright impossible. However, on these courses you are taught how to be mindful whilst doing routine things, such as cleaning your teeth or showering, allowing you to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday lives. In recent years mindfulness has started playing a huge part in stress reduction, and is recommended for those with mental health issues and has become a part of the mainstream mental health service. Mindfulness is supposed to help with many things, fr

om helping to control depression to helping with general anxiety. Whether you’re burnt out from working too hard, or have a deeper health problems, mindfulness is for everyone. There are many mindfulness courses in Brighton but this website has everything you need to know about mindfulness, courses, and course prices.

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