Why Brighton Is The Ideal City For Students


As the new academic year draws ever closer, many students are facing an agonising choice: which university to study at.

While popular cities such as London and Edingburgh are often at the top of many students’ lists, we’d argue that one of the best places to study in the UK is Brighton. The city regularly features on lists of top cities for students, and as locals, we understand the appeal!

Read on, and we’ll tell you why we think that this vibrant city is the ideal place to learn in 2020 and the future. 

It Offers A Variety Of Quality Accommodation

Unlike larger cities, in Brighton, it’s easy to find comfortable, affordable accommodation in a central location. Students who are thinking of studying in Brighton this year might be wary because of the Coronavirus, but cleaning experts Ideal Cleaning can work with your accommodation provider to make your new home clean and safe before you arrive. If you want to learn more about their student accommodation cleaning services, then you can find out more information here

The University Offers World-Class Qualifications

The University of Brighton is a multi-campus university that offers you the chance to study a wide range of different courses to suit a range of students. It is home to some of the world’s most respected professors and welcomes a variety of guest lecturers so that you can learn from the best in the business when you study in Brighton. 

Brighton Is A Beautiful Part Of The UK

With stunning beaches and rolling hills, Brighton is a gorgeous natural paradise for anyone who wants all of the convenience of the city combined with the beauty and majesty of the natural world. It has glorious beaches and stunning surroundings, as well as a supportive community, meaning that students will soon feel at home in this vibrant city. 

It Has Strong Transport Links

If you’re looking to live in one city but regularly visit others, then Brighton is an ideal choice. The city has a wide range of transport options, so that you’ll always be able to quickly and easily get where you’re going. The city even has an airport, so you can travel long distances to Brighton without the hassle of taking multiple trains and buses. As a result, the city is great for any students who will get homesick easily, or who just want to travel a lot during their student days. 

There’s Loads Of Fun Things To Do In Brighton 

When you’re searching for somewhere to study, you’re not just looking for a great university; you’re also looking for a city that offers fun experiences that you’ll enjoy. Brighton has loads of exciting things to do, including beautiful beaches, fun rides, cool experiences and quirky markets where you can browse all kinds of unique trinkets and products. As such, you’ll never be bored when you study in Brighton. 

For students who are considering studying in Brighton, we hope that this article has shown you the benefits of learning in this incredible, thriving city. 



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