Wind In The Kite And A Boost Of Adrenaline! Chris Simpson Talks About Kitesurfing!

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When you see them out on the water, you probably always have the same thought as we have: “Oh my god, this is so cool! I really want to do try it!” In the past few years, kitesurfing has become more and more popular, also in and around Brighton. We wanted to know more about this amazing sport that will have your heart beat faster with adrenaline and talked to Brighton kitesurfer Chris Simpson.

How long have you been kitesurfing for and how did you get into it?

I have been kitesurfing for 16 years now. I first saw it in Australia back in 2001. When I returned from my travels, I moved to Brighton and found out that there was a very small crew of guys doing it off of Hove beach and another crew of guys in Shoreham. I bought a land kite and practiced flying at every opportunity I had.

Once I had got to grips with flying a kite, I bought an inflatable one I could use in the water. Back then, instructors weren’t as readily available as they are now, so there was a bit of trial and error, but it was worth it. Ever since, my travels and free time has been all about kitesurfing. I was fortunate enough to have taught kitesurfing abroad as well as here at home and competed in BKSA wave master competitions.

Is kitesurfing very popular in Brighton?

On a busy day, you will see ten kites out in Hove, but most people in this area would either go to Shoreham or Lancing to kite.

What do conditions have to be like to go kitesurfing?

The wind needs to be blowing on shore and the most popular time to kite would definitely be low tide.

When is it better not to do it?

If you don’t feel comfortable or haven’t had the good training, then it is probably best to let it be.

What things can possibly go wrong when you go out on the water with the kite?

Like any adrenaline impact sport, lots could go wrong. But with good coaching and enough common sense it’s safe and really good fun.

On the overall, would you say kitesurfing is a dangerous sport?

No, not if it’s done properly.
Chrise doing kitesurfing. Image courtesy of the interviewee.
Chris doing kitesurfing. Image courtesy of the interviewee.

 Which ones are the best kite spots in and around Brighton?

I would say Shoreham and Lancing beach. They are both prettty popular.

How far off the shore do you have to be when you do it?

You launch your kite on the beach and then you get into the water. You can basically kite as far out to sea as you feel comfortable with. You just have to know for sure that you will be able to get back to the shore.

Where can you learn to kite here in Brighton?

Shoreham and Lancing beach have kite schools working on them. They are both pretty good.

Is it necessary to be with a club or is it possible just to do it leisurely with friends?

That depends on what works best for you really. There are kitesurfing clubs all over the country and Lancing has a very vibrant club scene. But if you want to, you can also kite independently or with friends.

Would you recommend going out onto the sea with the kite on your own? Isn’t it a bit dangerous?

You can kite alone but you need to be really experienced and able to safely launch and land your kite on your own.

How long does it take to learn how to kite?

All depends on how much time and effort you put in and of course, previous experience in related sports like wake boarding or paragliding play as well.

What can you expect when you do it for the first time?

 It is very challenging but a lot of fun. You will sure end up with your dose of adrenaline for the day.

After the first attempt with the kite, where is it gonna hurt the next day? Which muscles are particularly involved?

When you kite, your core is very important, but it really works the whole body.

What is your advice for people who want to get into kitesurfing?

Get in touch with a local school and get some lessons. Keep smiling and give it your all, the rest will fall into place after that.

Thank you very much for talking to us, Chris.


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