What would the Women’s Equality Party do for Brighton and Hove?


The Women’s Equality Party are running in Brighton and Hove for the first time and have two candidates for Brighton and Hove City Council. So, if elected, what would a Women’s Equality Party councillor do for Brighton and Hove?

The Women’s Equality Party are contesting the election on five major areas; housing and homelessness, crime, education, public services, and planning and budgeting.

Housing and homelessness

The Women’s Equality Party want to develop council-owned emergency accommodation and build more affordable housing.

As well as this, they would create a gender-specific approach to homelessness in the city. They will recognise the different causes of homelessness for men and women.


The party want to increase the police presence at The Level. They would also reintroduce PCSOs (police community support officers) in the community.


Women’s Equality Party councillors would invest in education and community led campaigns to combat the rise in violence against women.

The party wants to see the national education system reformed to help unleash the talent of women and girls.

Public services

The Women’s Equality Party want to increase investment in women’s services to reflect the dramatic rise in demand. They want funding channelled toward local specialist service providers.

On a national level, the party wants to implement full-time, high-quality, free childcare for all children.

Planning and budgeting

If elected, the party would introduce gender-aware budgeting. This would ensure the needs of women are taken into account in planning and budgeting decisions.


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