Zip-Wire to Replace Brighton Wheel?

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It won’t be long before we are saying goodbye to the Brighton Wheel when it is removed from our seafront this spring but fear not, there appears to be another attraction in the works. It has been reported that a 300-metre-long zip wire replacing the Brighton Wheel has been proposed by Paramount Entertainments, the sister firm to the brains behind the wheel.

The Brighton Wheel is due to be removed in May to coincide with the launch of the i360 – image: Wikipedia

There will be two zip wires running 300 metres along the beach as well as a 20 metre jump zone for those who are wanting even more of a thrill. The zip wire, or Brighton Zip, would operate all year round and open daily from 10am to 11pm. Should it go ahead the backers claim that the attraction would be the largest ride of its kind in England, and would bring a hefty investment into the local economy. Another benefit of this being approved would be that it would replace the jobs lost when the Brighton Wheel is removed in May. Along with the zip wire, a new café has also been proposed at the site, serving locally sourced food.

image: Wikipedia

Council leader and economic development committee chairman, Warren Morgan said “We always remained interested in the idea of another attraction to replace the Wheel. Now we have a proposal with much less visual impact for the neighbours. We’re clear that an attraction on that site is desirable because it brings to life the area- and one of our ambitions is to regenerate the seafront between the pier and the marina”. What do you think? Is a zip wire a good idea or do you think the wheel should be replaced with something else? Let us know in the comments!


Holly Martin

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