Caroline Lucas asks for sanitary products to be donated this Women’s Day

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It’s International Women’s Day this Tuesday (8th March), and Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavillion, gave her support for the Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) charity last week by asking for women’s sanitary products, such as tampons, sanitary towels and other products, to be donated to help homeless women.

Mrs Lucas spoke at the BHT’s First Base Centre in Brighton on Friday morning, she said:

“It’s crucial that homelessness services provide a safe and supportive environment for women. I’m sure that generous Brightonians will be fully supportive of this campaign and I hope it helps homeless women feel more comfortable and secure.”

Caroline Lucas (right), and Deidre O’Halloran holding sanitary products.  Image from here.

The deputy manager at First Base, Deirdre O’Halloran, said:

“While it is difficult for any individual who finds themselves homeless, for women specific difficulties arise. They will often have been through violent relationships, abuse and trauma, and are more likely to be suffering from mental health difficulties.

“In homeless services, which are often dominated by male clients, it can be difficult for women to know where to ask for help and it is up to those working in these services to create an environment where female clients feel safe and welcome.

“For those specific day to day challenges that arise in terms of self-care, donating to our wish list can go a long way towards making the lives of female clients of First Base somewhat more comfortable.”

If you would like to support, you can donate online:

First Base have also set up an Amazon Wishlist here:

But you can also support by sending a cheque payable to BHT to BHT, 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4PH

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