12 Lifehacks for Easy Moving

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Frequent changes of homes are a completely normal thing nowadays. But too often, different things run out of a plan and the whole process goes wrong. You see, many factors should be taken into an account and many little problems need to be managed ahead. Here are 12 essential tips on how to make our moving maximally smooth.

1. Inform your authorities and service providers that your home address is about to be changed two-three weeks before the actual moving. First, you give them time to add changes to all the necessary papers; second, you may simply forget to do it when you are on the road.

2. Gather your first necessity items (documents, money, gadgets, and amenities) and pack in advance. In fact, you’d better keep all the essentials with you but if there are too many of them, choose the most valuable and put in an overnight bag. As for the rest, you can put them in a clear plastic box to instantly find and unpack on arrival.

3. Note there are two main spots in any home – a bathroom and kitchen. Moving is typically a lengthy undertaking so you should prepare these rooms well ahead: clean and fill in with the stuff you will need upon arrival.

4. Take care of your children or pets – you may need a sitter, handle this issue in advance too.

5. After almost every moving, some things get lost. To avoid this, you need to make the complete list of your baggage and establish the label system: give each item a number and write down where exactly it belongs. Pick a different color for different rooms in your new home – you can even mark the corresponding doors with stickers of the same colors as on your boxes. One more thing: unpack your baggage by room when you arrive.

6. Prefer keeping your clothing on hangers? Just take all your hanging apparel and put into a large vacuum-sealed bag. It takes you a couple of minutes to do as well as to unpack it later.

7. You probably have some glass kitchenware to take to a new home. There is a trick that helps economize on bubble wrap (as you will need lots of it for other different purposes): use your clean clothes. Remember that plates are better to transport in a vertical position.

8. A few words about your cosmetics. These items are often kept in fragile containers so take care of them too. Put extra cotton pads into powder boxes and they will be safe from breaking. If you use liquid products, wrap their openings with small pieces of seal stretching.

9. There are always things you’d like to get rid of. Make a revision like one-two months before moving out and decide what you do not need anymore. Some items you can give away for free or sell online while some are to be merely thrown out.

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10. Plan your trip to a local grocery several weeks before your moving so you will be able to end up using most foods with no need to throw them out.

11. If you move from a rented house or apartment, take photos of it after it’s cleaned out. If your landlords tell you something is broken or scratched, you will be able to demonstrate them it is not your fault – if only you indeed leave this place without damaging it.

12. Choose how you will be moving out and who may give you assistance. Are about to hire professional movers? Do not pick the first available company but study who offers the best deals for good prices. Make sure you won’t have to pay large extra fees and all your stuff will be transported properly.

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