A Look Into Mussolini’s Mind At The Rialto

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Rome, July 24th 1943. The Grand Council of Fascism meets to discuss the deposition of Benito Mussolini. Sitting in a small study of the Palazzo Venezia, he recalls “how destiny drove him from humble origins to becoming the supreme leader of Italy and shows how much of his sanity he lost on this formidable journey.” Gran Consiglio (Mussolini) was shortlisted for the Performance Award at the Prague Fringe Festival 2015, and now it’s coming to the Brighton Fringe.Gran Consiglio 08

Written and interpreted by Tom Corradini, Gran Consiglio has been called a “deep and bold show” and “a comic show but intimate, at times even romantic” by critics as the audience are led on a satirical journey into the mind of one of the most controversial leaders of modern times. Corradini is a comedian, actor, writer and clown. After studying at the Atelier Teatro Fisico di Philip Radice, he honed is clowning skills with Polo Nani and Philippe Gaullier. He performs in the UK, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic with his own silent-comedy or spoken shows. Gran Consiglio is on at the Rialto Theatre from Wednesday 25th to Saturday 30th May and you can buy tickets at the Rialto Theatre website. Watch the trailer for the show below.

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