Alice In Wonderland Home For Sale in Brighton

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An Alice in Wonderland themed home is currently on sale in Brighton. Because where else would it be? The five-bedroom, Grade-1 listed Consort House in Lewes Crescent, Brighton is up for sale and it has one feature that every has dreamed of since they were a child; a secret tunnel.

Consort House is in a prime location that has attracted the likes of Nick Cave and Cate Blanchett – image: Rightmove

The secret tunnel leads straight to the seafront and legend has it that it was this tunnel that inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice in Wonderland more than 150 years ago. Not only does it have a super-secret tunnel that leads you straight to the beach it also has a cinema, a stem room and state-of-the-art Helva lighting (anyone?) as well as the beautiful Alice and Wonderland décor. It also has a library and a 65-foot private garden. It has been on the market for some time now and has lowered in price from £4.25 million to £3.65 million, so it’s still pretty pricey. The home is being sold by Barry Grogan, a property developer. He told the Metro “the potential Alice in Wonderland links are a lovely side story and it’s quite fantastic and large tunnel just adds to the legend. Residents are each given a key so the tunnel has private access and it is not like a rabbit hole when you are inside, it is a full, spacious tunnel. It is something that you can’t really appreciate until you visit because when you are in there and you see it then it is amazing.” Honestly, a house with a secret tunnel, what more could you possibly want?!


Holly Martin

feature image: Russ Sanderlin via the Creative Commons license

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