Amazing Value for Money at Brighton’s Donatello and Pinocchio Restaurants

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Brighton is spoilt with elegant eateries and classy cuisine, with an array of restaurants scattered across the city offering some of the best food the world has to offer. Whether it’s pizza, paella or platefuls of all-you-can-eat Chinese, you’ll find it somewhere in the heart of Sussex.

Variety is covered but value for money is not always guaranteed, with prices across the city fluctuating as the competition to attract customers continues to grow in strength and numbers.

Family-run restaurant’s Pinocchio and Donatello offer a perfect balance of quality food at affordable prices. Offering the best in Italian cuisine, the restaurants’ concept of 2-course and 3-course set menus provide customers with satisfying meals and ensure financial comfort upon paying the bill.

Pinocchio restaurant first opened its doors in 1987
Pinocchio restaurant first opened its doors in 1987 Image From Here

Opened in 1987, Pinocchio was first to try its luck in amongst Brighton’s battle for business and achieved success from the off. The restaurant rapidly built a positive reputation for its delicious food and respectful prices, leading to its twin expansion in 1991 when Donatello opened its doors for the very first time.

It’s now 2015 and both restaurants are still going strong, providing authentic Italian food with a wide range of options available across a simple but effective menu.

A variety of pizza, pasta and other succulent dishes ensure there is something to tickle everyone’s taste buds, with an array of starters and desserts to compliment your meal either side of an impressive main course.

A specialty at both Brighton restaurants - Tiramisu for dessert
A specialty at both Brighton restaurants – Tiramisu for dessert Image From Here

With 2-course’s from £8.95 and 3-course’s costing only £10.95, the restaurant’s offer a help in hand financially whilst delivering wonderful food to create an enjoyable dining experience for all.

Perfect for a family meal, get together with friends or a romantic meal for two, both Pinocchio and Donatello are great dining options that take care of the community and deliver on all levels.

Click on the links below for opening times, menus and all other information:

Ristorante Donatello

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Pinocchio Pizzeria Ristorante

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