New Feminine Stylish Smartwatch

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Smartwatches have become increasingly popular this year and they seem to be extremely helpful. However, they don’t seem to be particularly stylish. In my opinion, watches are a sign of maturity and sophistication, and smartwatches have never seemed to give me that vibe. Until Samsung hit us with the Gear S2. Despite the fact that it sounds chunky and ugly, the Gear S2 is actually very sleek, and is clearly aimed at the more fashion conscious watch wearer.

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Completely customisable, the Gear S2 has a variety of street-style approved downloaded watch faces available on the Gear app, interchangeable bands and an overall nicer design. It launched in November with 3G and 4G functionality as well as a number of apps you can download. A glance down at your watch is a lot more subtle than checking your phone for messages, and doesn’t give the message that you’re uninterested or obsessed with your phone. The customisable watch face means that you can match your watch with your outfit, without having to take it off your wrist.

One of the most convenient things about a smartwatch is the number of trackers to help you improve your lifestyle. With apps such as S Health and Nike+ you can monitor your activity level by recording a workout or just tracking your steps. Of course, all smartwatches offer this, but the Gear S2 just looks that little bit better. You can be stylish and technologically advanced all at the same time, which until now seemed just tiny bit impossible. You can find out more here


Holly Martin

feature image: Samsung

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