Artists with Invisible Disabilities Come Together for ‘Visability Arts’ Fair

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On the 14th of December, ‘Visability Arts’ will be hosting a winter fair. This will include the artwork made by people with invisible disabilities. The fair spreads awareness for those who are living with these disabilities. Whereas, usually they remain under the surface and unknown.

The benefits of the Organisation

Living with a disability can be a huge struggle and it can take a tole on many aspects of a person’s life. Disabilities which cannot be physically seen are quite often misunderstood. Although, there are unfortunately a vast amount of people who live with them. Organisations like ‘Visability Arts’ can encourage people to talk more openly about what they are dealing with. As well as this, it gives people the opportunity to speak to others who are going through similar issues.

Art can build people’s confidence and be used as a device to express yourself. As an all inclusive practice, it has evolved to be highly therapeutic. There are many reasons for it’s therapeutic qualities, one of which is that throughout the process, there is no ‘right or wrong’ answer. It is about developing on something which is based on your own imagination, so it can have all kinds of amazing benefits.

There is a sense of community among the artists included in ‘Visability Arts’, all brought together for their love of creativity. Their skills vary massively, making work using an array of different mediums. Therefore, all kinds of different artists will be showcasing their work on the 14th. You will see ceramics, prints, embroidery and many more impressive art forms.

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Details on the Winter Fair

Everyone is invited on Saturday to celebrate the talents of the artists who will be selling their work. There will be 25 stalls, so you can spend your time browsing for potential gifts or unique artwork to decorate your home with.

The fair will be held in the downstairs room at the Friends Meeting House, which is fully wheelchair accessible. It has also been encouraged by ‘Visability Arts’ to get in contact with them if there are any other requirements which need to be met. They would like the event to be as inclusive as possible, so everyone can enjoy it!

Whether you are an artist looking for inspiration, searching for Christmas gifts or simply looking for something to do on your Saturday, then why not head down to the fair to see what’s going on? It’s free entry and will be going on from 11am until 5pm. So, there’s plenty of time to support the artists who will be selling their work.

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For more information about this event, click here.


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