“Colour Is My way Of Expressing Optimism” Brighton Artist Heidi Langridge

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Welcome to our new Brighton Journal Saturday feature. We’ll be featuring a new Brighton artist every week, hearing about their work and their lives and getting to know them a little better. The first artist in our series is Brighton-born and bred Heidi Langridge, a fine artist who runs a studio on the seafront where she both paints and sells her pictures.

What took you to Brighton? I was lucky enough to be born here.

What is a typical day like in your life? A typical day begins with a good stretch and a big breakfast to fuel up for the studio. I like to begin painting in my studio mid-morning and work into the early evening.  Time seems to stop when I’m there painting so the beginning of the day also feels like the ending. I can often leave feeling I just got there.

Goldcrest in blossom by Heidi

What is the best part of the day for you? The best part of my day is when I get lost in what I’m painting and then suddenly become self aware again.

What do you do when you’re not creating? A few years ago I discovered beach volleyball at Yellowave, so when I’m not painting I’ll most likely be there. Its a great sport that anyone can play and it keeps me fit.

What is the best summer vacation you can imagine? My best summer vacation would be a visit to Japan to walk and see as much art as I could.

Best way to spend a weekend? The best way to spend the weekend is playing volleyball with my friends for hours and hours on a warm day with no wind.

Seahorse by Heidi.

Do you have a favorite artist? The bird paintings of Raymond Harris Ching are beyond beautiful. I have admired his work ever since I happened upon a book with his illustrations.

What are you reading at the moment? ‘A History of the Middle East’ by Peter Mansfield.

Favourite TV show? I love sci-fi so anything set in space has my attention.

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What’s your favourite place to go to on a night out in Brighton? These days I’m not much for going out to a pub or club, but I do love the cinema and have a lot of affection for the Odeon on West Street. My parents would take us there when we were little to watch films like Superman, so it holds a little magic for me.

Where is the best coffee/tea? My whole family are tea-aholics.

Three Goldcrest in peachblossom by Heidi.

Most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced? I’m not easily embarrassed but on a recent visit to a restaurant for dinner with my partner another diner inquired when I was due. I’d had three courses and eaten my capacity and was a little bloated so it was an easy mistake to make. We thought it was funny but the other person was embarrassed.

Best moment you’ve experienced? My best moment would be becoming self employed about 16 years ago now.

What is the one thing you will never do again or never do for the rest of your life? I have always liked the Woody Allen observation that 80% of success is just turning up so I never make plans I can’t change.

What is the one thing you dream of doing in your life? The one thing I dream of doing is getting another dog. My previous dog died almost 6 years ago and I would love another companion.

What is your go to sin that makes everything better? My go to sin is to sit on the sofa and do nothing.

Goldcrest alone by Heidi.

What inspires your art? My work is centred on wildlife and birds. It’s an inexhaustible subject. I began painting the birds over ten years ago, placing them alone in empty spaces. As time has gone on I have enjoyed placing them in more vibrant and chaotic backgrounds.  I love using high colours that suggest bright summers and the falling apart of flowers and blossoms that have gone past their best days. Habitating the birds in all this colour is my way of expressing optimism for our future.

Where can people buy your art?  The door to my studio is always open so I mostly sell directly to people who discover me while walking along the seafront, and of course I have my website www.wrenstudio.co.uk. I also sell through Jackie at Arundel Framing. Arundel attracts nature lovers so my work resonates well there and Arundel Festival has just started so that’s a bonus.

What Brighton artist do you nominate to answer our questions next week? I would like to nominate Brighton artist Heidi Rhodes.


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