Brighton Artists Threatened With Studio Eviction For Flat Development


So often in the modern day the arts are undermined. They are treated by many as being needless and impractical. In 2017 it was revealed that across the UK local arts funding had fallen by 39%, significantly hindering many aspiring artists.

Brighton undoubtedly values creativity higher than most places. It has a range of independent theatres and cinemas, music venues and its own major theatre festival.

However, this does not mean that the arts in Brighton are given immunity to commercial aspirations. The eclectic arts charity Same Sky are the largest in the South East. They do anything from street parades, choreography, sculpturing and more.

Same Sky host the annual Children’s Parade

The wonderful group are a brilliant emblem for the versatility and open-mindedness of Brighton as a city. The group have, sadly though, been threatened with eviction from their offices by Brighton and Hove City Council in place of high-end flats.

Green councillor David Gibson has fought for the rights of the charity, looking to delay the move and have a report carried out on the impact a move may have on them. This was supported by Labour councillors also, and all councillors unanimously agreed to delay for the social impact report.

Gibson believes it would be detrimental to their current creative state: “Given the clear synergy with lots of creative people in a shared building with coffee rooms and shared space that would be a significant loss.”

Designer David O’Connor also made an appeal, reminding the council of the wonderful work the group have created.


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