Brighton is the UK’s Third Most Popular Seaside Holiday Location

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With a range of amazing attractions, Brighton is the tourist’s dream. From the beach, with the iconic Pier and the i360, to the hundreds of independent shops in the Laines, Brighton has a bit of something for everyone.

This is reflected by the level of Brighton’s popularity within the UK. While not the most popular, it ranks at 3rd. While it certainly benefits from the impacts of tourism, Brighton is, however, less seasonal than the places that rank above it.

Brighton ranks below Torquay and Bournemouth in the list, with these two places relying on the effects of tourism to keep stability in their local economies.

Local tourism is on the rise, with the poor performance of the pound post-Brexit spurring Brits to stay in the country. Staycations brought £23.7 million to the UK economy last year, with 18% more people than last year opting to stay in the country this summer. Last year 56% opted to stay in the country abroad, with 74% this time around.

Wherever you go this summer, we sure are lucky to live in such a beautiful place with such an amazing range of things to get up to. Clearly, the rest of the UK appreciates its magnificence too.

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