Brightonian Christmas Special – What Are Your Christmas Traditions?


In our second part of Christmas-inspired feature series, we’ve reached out to local Brightonians and asked them a few questions about how they like to celebrate Christmas. 

First up is 27-year-old Harriet Miller of Carlyle Street, who celebrates Christmas with her mum, brother and dog in Balham, London.

Hattie’s Dog: Bugsy

What gets you in the festive spirit?

Seeing the Christmas lights go up around central London especially Regent and Carnaby Street.

What are you Christmas Eve traditions?

Our current Christmas Eve tradition started about 5 years ago. The day is really relaxed, doing last bits of wrapping etc (sometimes my brother is working), but in the evening my mum, brother and I go to midnight mass at our local church, and then straight on to McDonald’s drive thru for some munch before getting our beauty sleep for Christmas Day. McDonald’s drive thru is definitely our strange and unique family Christmas tradition.

What time do you wake up on Christmas day?

My brother, Jamie, is 26 but I still get up on Christmas Day when he comes in and wakes me up nice and early!

How does your day go from start to finish on Christmas Day?

The day starts with my Jamie, Bugs (my dog) and I chilling with mum in her bed before we have our traditional Christmas breakfast of salmon and cream cheese bagels. Then we open presents, walk the dog and then me and my brother have a little sleep before we help mum cook the roast. Then we eat, watch some Christmas films, eat some more and then sleep some more!

What’s on your table?

Table includes enough pigs in blankets to feed the whole of Balham, and all the other Christmas classics.

Dressing up or PJs?

10000% will be staying in my PJs all day.

What do you get up to on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a pub lunch day and probably another dog walk enforced by mum. Then in the evening I’ll usually meet up with some pals for a few drinks.

Brussel sprouts – yay or nay?

Nay to the sprouts, yay to a whole plate of pigs in blankets!

Favourite Christmas song?

You cannot make me pick just one Christmas song! I shall not do it, I like a Christmas medley played throughout the month.

Best part about the festive season?

I think best part about the festive season is how much my mum loves it, she’s so cute and jolly. I also really enjoy getting people presents, actually even if my bank account doesn’t

Favourite festive food?


Do you believe in Santa?

Of course I believe in Santa, what a silly question!


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