Brighton’s Best Pubs: Top Spots To Visit Now You Can

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With lockdown easing now allowing pubs to open beer gardens, there is much enthusiasm for patrons to get back to their local, especially when there is reportedly one pub for every 250 residents in Brighton.

However, for those who are looking for somewhere to celebrate their new freedoms, there are some well-regarded establishments now available to visit.


The Sidewinder

 Located just of Madeira Drive and only a few minutes from the beach, the sidewinder is a great quirky establishment with two large and heated beer gardens that allow customers to visit at all times of the day.

Hanging lights, well regarded food and unique murals for decoration make this pub a great choice for not only a drink, but as comfortable of a relaxing and enjoyable night out as possible within the current restricted guidelines.


Tempest Inn

 This seafront bar combines the beach experience with a great vibe to give all who visit a memorable outing with fish and chips literally located next door.

Its large garden and cave like theming that is still enjoyable from the outside provides a wholly distinctive and unique feel that can be appreciated even as you watch the waves roll in.

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Beer is not the only thing on the menu, with a large variety of cocktails available with Expresso martinis and specialty ales all among the choices when visiting the Tempest.


Cleveland Arms

An award-winning traditional family run pub, The Cleveland Arms sits overlooking Blakers Park in the Fiveways and the Preston Park area of Brighton.

Possibly one of the most missed in the city during this pandemic, it is noted for its quality beers, friendly community atmosphere and a locally appreciated takeaway food service


Hare and Hounds

 The site spanning a large footprint has been considered to be a popular place to visit for local workers after a hard day of work.

The secluded beer garden makes a great relaxing place for all to enjoy their lockdown with an ever-expansive menu which welcomes new brews consistently and provides something to enjoy for all.


Photo Credit: Liam McKay

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