Brighton’s summer vegan beer and cider Festival starts today!


Veganism is increasing in popularity all over the country, with the vegan trend quadrupling between 2012 and 2017 (The Vegan Society). Of course, Brighton is a flag bearer for this movement and has an excellent selection of Vegan restaurants and cafes. The Cowley Club is especially important in this movement, as it is the first and only not for profit vegan space in Brighton. It has been entirely run by volunteers from 2003, until now. It is a “100% vegan community and grassroots hub” and supports various campaigns and action groups.

Starting today (Thursday 4th of July) The Cowley Club are holding a four-day vegan extravaganza, that includes music, food, a BBQ and local ale and cider. The space, which normally seems like a private members club, will be open to everyone.

Drinks wise there will be something for everyone. There will be local brews, including ale stouts, lagers and ciders from local producers, as well as non-alcholic fermented drinks such as kombucha, kefir and herbal tea and coffee. All the beers and ciders are, of course, made without any animal-derived finings.

There will be great music and live bands on from Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night, as well as a ‘Meet The Brewer’ event on Thursday. Here you have the opportunity to chat to local artisan brewers and ask them all of the questions you’ve ever wanted to know, a great opportunity to stock up on knowledge about how to make the perfect beer. On Sunday there will also be a fabulous vegan roast, which will be prepared by Brighton Hunt Saboteurs. This meal will raise money for their direct action activism.

If this wasn’t enough, there is also going to be a raffle and movie screenings and whilst you are there you also have the opportunity to sign up for the ‘radical library’ where you can borrow thought-provoking books, magazines and DVDs.


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