‘Burning the Clocks’ Celebration Returns to Light up Brighton this Saturday

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Brighton will be a blaze of handmade lanterns this Saturday for the annual ‘Burning the Clocks’ celebration. 

Join in on the procession through the streets to take you on an out-of-this-world journey to the beach, where there will be a huge bonfire, fireworks and fire show. It’s time to step away from all the commercial stress and come together for a magical experience.

Winter Solstice

Throughout history, humanity has been basing rituals and festivals on the sun and changing seasons. One of these rituals, which symbolically celebrates the death and rebirth of the sun, is winter solstice. This happens when the earth tilts farthest away from the sun, creating the shortest day of the year. In England, this usually occurs around the 21st of December.

There is evidence that the celebration of winter solstice occurred in ancient times, due to the significance it held on the growth of crops and development of the land. People relied on the cycle of seasons to monitor and prepare for difficult times ahead. Therefore, it became very important that they held rituals and events which celebrated these themes.

Some people have even argued that this was the purpose of building historical monuments, such as Stonehenge. We can imagine in a time where there was no electricity, the light and warmth from the sun would have been vital for so many reasons. Now, in the lead up to Christmas, we are rushing around to get everything ready for the big day. However, Same Sky brings you a chance to step out of every day life and travel back to a time of ritualistic celebration as a community.

© Burning the Clocks

Burning the Clocks

Same Sky created the event ‘Burning the Clocks’, which has been a significant part of Brighton tradition for over two decades now. The event brings everyone together, regardless of religion or beliefs. It gives the city light on the darkest day of the year.

The streets of Brighton are transformed into a glowing procession of lanterns, which people have made out of willow and paper to symbolise the passing of time and new beginnings. Each lantern is meant to represent the personal hopes, fears and wishes of the person who made it. Which they will put into a bonfire at the end of the procession, along with everyone else’s and watch it go up in a remarkable blaze.

Walking along with lanterns, which are imbued with meaning, to put together in order to create something spectacular marks the new beginnings yet to come. People might think of the times ahead and reflect on the past as they watch the fire show and the fireworks with the community. It brings hope as everyone gathers together to make something amazing.

So, make sure you join in, either by stepping outside to watch the lanterns flow through the streets. Or you can buy your own lantern making kit on the Same Sky website. The parade will be leaving from New Road at 6:30pm, then walking through the streets of Brighton, finishing at Madeira Drive. This is where the fire show and bonfire will take place around 7:15pm!

© Burning the Clocks

For more details about this event, click here.

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