Celebrate Refugee Week’s 20th Anniversary in Brighton!

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The organisers hope that it will be the best celebration yet!

Refugee Week is a wonderful time to praise the work of refugees and to show that all are welcome in our multi-cultural country.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week.

So much fantastic work has been done over the years to accommodate and honour refugees.

This year, the organisers, Sanctuary on Sea, will be hoping to have the best Refugee Week yet!

The event will take place between the 18th-24th June.

There will be a wide variety of events hosted in Brighton and Hove.

These include book readings and musical performances which showcase cross-continental art and culture.

Topping off the event will be the Refugees Welcome Parade at Brighton Dome.

This will be an eclectic day, filled with music and dancing, and will mark a climactic end to this tremendous week!

20 activities have been suggested in honour of the 20th anniversary!

Alongside these events, the organisers have set 20 Simple Acts for participants to perform.

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This is to correspond with the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week, with an act in celebration of each individual year.

The list comprises a varied range of tasks, from creating art, learning new words, or playing sport.

To show solidarity with refugees, be sure to get involved in this years Refugee Week!

Brighton is an inclusive haven, and events like these cement this status.

Click here for the 20 Simple Acts

For updates on the event, click here

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