Charity Tuesday- Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

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Last week Bjournal launched a9051482576_8e776872ab_o new feature called Charity Tuesday in which each week a different charity is profiled on the website. This week it is the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership. The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation that organises a vast range of projects for the community. These include cookery courses, tips on reducing food waste, support for food banks as well as healthy eating advice and weight management programmes. Started in 2003, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership have a wide range of partners from local businesses to other community organisations. They have had recognition from the National Lottery Awards, the Local Food Awards and the House of Commons Select Committee on Sustainable Food. They have provided inspirationn for the Sustainable Food Cities network in various cities, with Food Partnerships4608635638_877f542aee_o established in all parts of the UK. They are also involved in the ‘Spade to Spoon’ strategy within Brighton and Hove. There are a number of events going on around the city by the Food Partnership such as Eco Open Houses, an event in which the owners of the greenest buildings in Sussex open their doors for free allowing the public to see the most innovative ways to save energy. The Food Partnership also offer numerous talks, workshops and training courses on more specialised subjects such as food poverty awareness. There are many ways in which you can volunteer with the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, from helping to distribute food, to cookery volunteers. To find out more information on the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, and how you can get involved, head to


If you have a charity you think we should be talking about, leave a comment or send an email to the address below!

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