Waist Trainers Could Cause Weight Gain

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Many women desire slim, toned waists, but in an increasingly time-pressed society not everyone has the time to head down to the gym for hours in pursuit of the hourglass figure that society deems so desirable. We want results – fast.

image credit shape.comOne of the latest trends is for latex waist trainers or ‘shapers’, as modeled by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Waist shapers supposedly maximise your workout by applying pressure onto your core muscles, stimulating more perspiration and thermal activity. This apparently allows toxins to be released, thus resulting in inch-loss and muscle tone. You don’t even have to work out whilst wearing this fancy contraption. According to Waist Shaper UK, just wearing it any time you are going to be active is enough to make an impact. The waist shaper even helps with posture. It sounds like a miracle solution, right? What more could one want? A Kim Kardashian-like waist can be yours for around 50 quid, which is the cost of one of these bands.

Are these waist trainers and shapers really safe though On the Waist Shaper UK website you are advised to consult your doctor before purchasing or using one of the bands. If you suffer from back or neck issues, they aren’t recommended. As personal trainer Joshua Silverman outlined in a recent Huffington Post article, ‘Waist trainers work by constricting the abdominal walls, which is where important muscle and adipose tissue sits to protect your internal organs. When you constrict this area, it stops blood flow getting to this tissue, and therefore those organs.’

There is also some evidence that people shouldn’t necessarily believe waist training gym selfies like as those posted by Ms Kardashian. Silverman  also suggests that the trainers could even lead to weight gain in the waist area as because ‘…when constricting, your body can’t release fat from that area. This means it actually could start gaining fat there, due to the fact that it can’t free up any fatty acids.’

In fact, even extremely popular shapewear which aims to smooth the figure and make you look one or two sizes smaller should be avoided by some people. According to an article posted last year in the LA Times, those who suffer from digestion issues such as IBS, or are prone to urine infections, may experience more acute symptoms after wearing shapewear or waist shapers which increase pressure on your mid-section. Many women also avoid going to the toilet to avoid having to get in and out of the extremely tight garments, which can cause bladder infections.

Bladder infections and digestion issues for some. Discomfort and the prevention of blood flow to vital organs, along with possible weight gain for others? Are shapewear garments really worth it?

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