Charity Zumba at Preston Park: A class for all ages and abilities

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There will be a charity Zumba class taking place on Saturday 29th August at Preston Park for people of all ages and abilities to fundraise for life-changing charity, Whoopsadaisy.

In return for a donation to the charity, which helps children with disabilities and their families, anyone can join the 90-minute (10:30am-12pm) exercise class set up by The Zumba Zone.

One of Whoopsadaisy’s many success stories includes eight-year-old Adam Thuriaux-Aleman (pictured). He attended Whoopsadaisy for five years before eventually defying medical predictions when he began walking unaided in 2016. He now enjoys paddling on the beach and riding his scooter around Seven Dials.

The proceeds from this event will go towards the continuation of Whoopsadaisy’s life-changing work that has helped Adam and so many others achieve what others deemed impossible.

People of all ages and physical abilities are encouraged to take part, as Whoopsadaisy and The Zumba Zone promise to demonstrate that every step counts.

Caroline Matanle, Corporate and Community Fundraiser for Whoopsadaisy, said:

“We are delighted that Zumba Zone will have so many of our supporters dancing on our doorstep in Preston Park. Since so much of our work is about the enjoyment of physical achievements, we cannot think of a better way for friends and parents to come together for our worthwhile cause.”

Federico Bedoya, Zumba Zone fitness instructor, shared the benefits of Zumba, both mental and physical:

“Zumba is more than just a fitness class. It is an activity where we celebrate the connection between the body, mental wellbeing and the joy of movement which is the heart of life. It’s the coming together of people with all abilities.”

He also explained Zumba Zone’s admiration for Whoopsadaisy, and why the work they do hits close to home for him personally:

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“My team and I hugely admire the work they do at Whoopsadaisy, where so many boundaries are pushed back and and lives are transformed for so many families. Being a parent with a child who has a disability, I personally appreciate the amazing work that charities do to support families.

“On Saturday 29th August we look forward to celebrating all that hard work and determination with some music, passion for life, and of course, dance.”

Participants can join the class at Preston Park, or, for those unable to make it in person, there will be a link that allows for a virtual Zumba experience at home.

Demand is already high, so if you plan to attend, click here to secure your spot at the event!

Featured Image: © Samuel Hertzog

Image of Adam at Whoopsadaisy: © Nick Ford Photography

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