Child Protection teams struggle with increasing workload

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The workload issues that the police have been battling for the past few years has not been a secret to the members of the public. While some areas have improved, and strategies have been published for 2018-2019 on Sussex Police website, Sussex Police Child Protection Teams struggle with the increasing workload.

Sussex Police reported an increase in recorded crime in Sussex. The police admitted that it is not only the rise of reported crime that changed these past years, the types of crimes committed changed significantly as well.

‘With both volume and complexity increasing, investment in local policing specifically in prevention, capacity is a particular priority.’

-Sussex Police Operational Delivery Plan 2018-2019


The new challenge Sussex Police is facing currently is due to the massive workload of child protection teams. Child protection teams work with vulnerable children and missing children and the amount of work that is demanded by officers is becoming out of reach. Inspectors found that some staff were handling 20 cases each. The amount of work a person must handle can inevitably affect their performance or capacity to solve cases. Sussex Police were informed and told to improve investigations in missing children. Even though certain aspects improved, such as an increase in public protection staff, capacity is still a major concern.

‘The fact that the public protection team have a large number of reports each to investigate can’t be beneficial to the investigations, can’t be good for the victims, and can’t be good for the individuals trying to complete them’

-Matt Webb (Sussex Police Federation)

‘Our next steps are to continue to focus on the child and to further embed the culture of prioritising child protection’.

-Ch Con Jo Shiner

The Police is constantly working on ways to improve child protection and prevent children from abuse.

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