Crowds Descend On Brighton Beach Over The Easter Weekend

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As lockdown restrictions were downgraded to mix in groups of six or two households in an outdoor space, masses of people descended onto Brighton Beach looking to take advantage of the warm weather.


Many of the local public made a great attempt over the 4 day holiday to make the most of the sun and to escape the lockdown restrictions by gathering in small numbered groups to enjoy the sun and meet friends for the first time in a number of months.


Believed to be thousands, the citizens covered the majority of the promenade with exercise, leisure and paddling in the water all taking place as the country gears up for what is expected to be an incredibly busy summer.


However, caution was still issued by Brighton and Hove City Council’s director of public health Alistair Hill as to the effect that such gatherings could have on Covid transmission when the full relaxation is so close ahead.


He stated that with Covid still very much among us, that even with the outdoor space reducing transmission there is still a high transmission rate when coming into contact with other people.


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At this crucial time there is more importance than ever to ensure the rules and guidelines are followed and to continue to be as safe as possible as to not undo the hard-earned results that lockdown has provided to the population.


The government roadmap remains, yet if the rate rises and increased pressure is returned to the NHS then there is great risk that June could become July or further and therefore it is crucial to keep to the practices expected.


Such things as masks, sanitiser and keeping only to approved group sizes are paramount to the continued development back into a somewhat normal living environment and there must therefore continue to be abidance by these rules.


According to the Met Office, weather conditions are not expected to continue to be as fruitful as they were this past week.


Photo Credit: Rad Ana


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