Discounted Food App In Brighton!


Too Good To Go is an app which connects people to discounted food that restaurants and vendors would usually throw away.

The app has been operating in Brighton for a year, and is helping reduce the amount of food that is wasted. Contributing to the 805,000 meals saved by the TGTG team so far.

On the app you can see participating restaurants like, Small Batch Coffee, Real Patisserie, Curry Leaf Cafe, Moshimo and so much more. It lists portion sizes and prices for the customer who will then place the order and receive and receipt and a pick up time.

A popular feature of the app is the ‘PayItForward’ scheme which allows users to donate meals to those in need for as little as £1.

According to Chris Wilson the CoFounder of To Good To Go, 600,000 tonnes of food is wasted by restaurants each year. He said; “When you think about the impact of such waste on the environment, as well as the fact that over 1 million UK residents were in receipt of emergency food parcels last year, it just doesn’t make sense for so much edible produce to be thrown away.”

This is just another way the Brighton community is asserting its eco-friendly standing in the UK.







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