Dog dies after falling down gap between train and the platform at Brighton Station

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It is believed a dog has sadly died after falling down the gap between the train and the platform at Brighton Railway Station yesterday (21 November).


Local Brighton onlooker Heidi Byner, took to Facebook group Brighton People to share what she witnessed. She claims the incident happened as the dog was exiting the train with its owner.


“I saw a dog fall down the gap between the train and platform as it was getting off a train. The frightened dog bolted under the train.”


In order for trains to run more quietly and efficiently, electric live rails were introduced in August 2013. Since then, almost all rail lines operate on an electrical system. Though this may be more efficient, the live rail poses great risk to anything that comes into contact with the extremely high voltage line.


“The dog later died after it touched the live rail” Heidi shared within her post.


The incident calls for stricter regulations regarding the gap between the train and the platform at Brighton Station, especially after many commented on Heidi’s post claiming they have witnessed similar incidents, with both animals and humans. Heidi claimed: “It’s not the first time I’ve seen a dog stumble and be yanked up by its lead whilst two legs are dangling in the gap (it happened to mine once).”

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Southern took to twitter to inform of the disruption.


Many commented to say they also felt disgruntled at the lack of ramps or assistance at Brighton Station, where gaps are believed to be dangerously wide due to the curved platforms.


Another local Brighton resident, Ellie, spoke to Brighton Journal about the time she saw a young girl fall between the gap on Platform 1: “She was yanked up by the man behind her just as quickly as she fell, but it was very concerning. Luckily she looked like she wasn’t badly hurt, but it may not be the case for the next time it happens to someone.”


Our thoughts are with the owners of the dog who perished at Brighton Station yesterday.


Featured image: Les Chatford


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  1. My mobility is poor, and I’ve been lifted over huge gaps at Brighton by strangers on a few occasions (very lovely and helpful when I ask for help, bit weird when somebody just comes up behind you and does it!).

    Definitely bigger gaps at Brighton than at many other stations.


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