Eyewow! Eyebrow trends


First there were glitter brows… however since then Instagram has recently experienced the feathered eyebrow trend. This unique and inspiring trend has become very popular since ‘Stella Sironen’, a Finnish makeup artist, was the first person to create the eye-catching feather brow look.

Stella Sironen (credited)
Stella Sironen (credited)

There have been many trends to come about in the past couple years. From Micro-blading (semi- permanent makeup), the Kylie Jenner lip challenge where people would swell their lips to get a gorgeous pout. So many and yet this one seems to be the most normal and doesn’t involve drastic measures.

This bold new look involves parting your eyebrows and splitting the hairs into a feather-like shape with the help of some Vaseline. There are now almost 50,000 posts on Instagram of people trying it out. Even adding colour to emphasize the look more.

Pallette Princess (Instagram)
Pallette Princess (Instagram)

However, the newest trend to follow is ‘barbed wire’ eyebrows!

By simple alternating the brows up and down, you can transform your brows from everyday to part-ready (and ultra trendy) in no time.


On March 10, makeup artist Athena Paginton posted a photo on Instagram where a model wore her eyebrows styled into spikes, just like barbed wire!


What crazy trend will they come up with next?!


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