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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Deliveroo’s “Big Curry Night In” to raise funds for hungry families across South Asia

22nd May 2020 |

Deliveroo has announced that Indian food orders in the UK have skyrocketed by 42% over the past two months. It seems Brit’s in lockdown have been seeking comfort in ‘classic’ takeaway options and are therefore in a hurry for a … Read More

Google Trends During A Pandemic – Who Are We Searching For?

8th May 2020 |

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including our Google searches. This is the first part of a series in which we will be analysing the interests of Brighton residents and the wider UK public since the … Read More

Beauty Trends To Look Out For This Summer

8th June 2017 |

As the seasons change, so do beauty trends. Of course, some of us may opt for a year round style whether that be a feline flick or a bold red lip. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this opportunity … Read More

Festival Fashion 2017

2nd June 2017 |

The coming of June can only mean one thing… Festival season is upon us ladies and gentlemen. Festivals are muddy and gross, we know, but who’s to say that should stop you from looking your finest as you wade through … Read More

Black Dots Or Color Splashes ? Brighton Tattooist Will Barbour-Brown Talks About Tattoo Trends

12th May 2017 |

Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they’re tiny, sometimes huge. The name of a beloved family member on your forearm, a girly dreamcatcher on your neck, a colored skull on your thigh… Raise your hand if you got … Read More

Eyewow! Eyebrow trends

25th April 2017 |

First there were glitter brows… however since then Instagram has recently experienced the feathered eyebrow trend. This unique and inspiring trend has become very popular since ‘Stella Sironen’, a Finnish makeup artist, was the first person to create the eye-catching … Read More

Hottest New Trends in Interior Design

30th May 2016 |

O.K. Brighton, if your home is looking a tad tired here are the hottest new trends in interior design, as with any fashion item, you want to ensure that it enhances the look of the home rather than standing out … Read More

The Rise of the Humble Pickle

14th April 2016 |

You either love them or hate them, but either way pickles are back on the food scene.

Since the re-emergence of classics such as sauerkraut and kimchi, pickling your own vegetables has become a trend that many food lovers are … Read More

Fashion Trends That Defined 2015

29th December 2015 |
  1. The year of man-buns, the Kylie Jenner lip challenges, the year minimalism reached its peak and everyone walked around in the same trainers as their Granddad, 2015 was an odd year for fashion. Finally shrugging off the ghost of … Read More

Party Season Beauty Trends

16th December 2015 |

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching which means all the parties you said you would go to in November are suddenly here and you realise you may have over-estimated your ability to socialise three nights in a row. Or … Read More