Fashion Trends That Defined 2015

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  1. The year of man-buns, the Kylie Jenner lip challenges, the year minimalism reached its peak and everyone walked around in the same trainers as their Granddad, 2015 was an odd year for fashion. Finally shrugging off the ghost of the noughties past (anyone remember cargo trousers?) 2015 found itself throwing back to the seventies mixed with the nineties mixed with a minimalism that firmly removes ourselves from the over-the-top, girly looks we have seen in the years prior. Bjournal looks back at some of the trends that have helped define 2015, and some of the ones that we should really leave behind.

Athleisure: The fashion buzzword of the year, athleisure took the spotlight away from normcore this year. Clothes that are comfortable enough to wear at home, but also chic enough to wear on a regular day out. From posh joggers to smart trainers, we were fully embracing athleisure this year and for the sake of my comfort I hope it continues into 2016.

Off-The-Shoulder: Seen everywhere from Glastonbury to the Met Gala, the off-the-shoulder look was a big hit this year. Easy, stylish, and unexpectedly sexy, let’s hope this trend carries on into 2016.

Neutral Layers: We can thank the normcore crew for this one. Layers are always popular, however, never has a trend been so…grey. I would make a joke about having 50 shades of grey or something but I don’t want to. Fashion bloggers were piling on the layers this year making 2015 the year your nan could sleep easy knowing you were warm enough.

Culottes: Culottes were huge this year, working their way into our working lives and transforming the definition of power dressing. The best thing about culottes? You only have to shave the area around your ankles, and for that reason, I hope they stay on trend in 2016.

Adidas Stan Smiths: Everyone from the age of fifteen to thirty invested in a pair of white Stan Smiths this year. It’s easy to see why, they’re very versatile and can be worn with a pair of denim cut-off shorts, or suit, or even your cashmere joggers to complete your athleisure outfit. 2015 truly was the year of comfort and the rise in Stan Smiths on the street proved this.

Fringing: Something that came back when it probably shouldn’t have, fringing should really be left in 2015. In some instances, fringing can make you feel like Stevie Nicks, but done wrong, as so many retailers have done this year, can lead to a number of issues. For example, cheap fringing can knot or unravel and let’s be real, you will end up with wine soaked fringing that you will have to iron into shape for the rest of eternity.

Small Bags: Small bags were all over the IT girls this year but their complete impracticality makes me wish for these to be left in 2015, preferably under a cheap fringed jacket. Only big enough to fit a card and some lipstick, you can’t even fit your iPhone 6S in there, your keys, or anything an ordinary adult human carries around with them on a daily basis.

What were your most loved and most hated fashion trends this year?


Holly Martin

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