5 Must-Have Hats for This Winter

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Winter is here, and your poor head will suffer. Your hair will dry out, or worse, go frizzy in the rain, it will be ruined by the wind and your ears will feel like they’re going to fall off because they’re so cold. So what’s the answer? Hats. Hats are great at keeping your head protected from the elements, helping prevent colds, and they can also act as the perfect addition to your outfit.

A floppy hat: A floppy hat is always a great choice in making an outfit just that little bit more special. With a nice dark coat, keep the rest of your outfit simple and the hat will do the talking. Get the one pictured here.Trilby: This season is all about Heritage fabrics, embracing the county side and classically British brands, which this hat by Barbour is an on trend, classic hat for this season. You can’t get any more British than Barbour and investing in one of these will look great teamed with a practical, yet stylish, jacket and wellington boots. This trilby will be guaranteed to keep your head warm, and look great at the same time. Get the Barbour one here.

Fedora: Smaller than a floppy hat, bigger than the trilby above, the fedora has been a staple winter wardrobe accessory for a few years now and the fedora obsession doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Similar to a floppy hat, it can be worn for every occasion, from running errands to more formal events. Find the fedora pictured above here.

Beret: Berets have become increasingly more fashionable recently, with more people taking influence from nineties fashion icons, like Cher from Clueless, which means berets are a staple for this winter. All you need now is a tartan skirt and some knee high boots and you’re good to go. Get yours here.

Beanie: The trusty beanie. For the more casual of winter days, you can wear the beanie with just about everything and pull it off. From tracksuit bottoms to jeans and a t-shirt, the beanie will be your best friend throughout the winter. It can also keep your forehead and ears warm. You can get them pretty much anywhere, but get the one pictured here.


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