Humans of Brighton – Meet Hayley

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Here at Brighton Journal we love speaking to interesting and unique Brighton people to – this week we caught up with Hayley, an Australian dance teacher who has just moved to Brighton.


Hi Hayley, where are you from and what brought you to Brighton?

I’m Australia, and I literally just moved to Brighton. I came because I have loads of friends in Brighton who I used to live with in Byron, so I’ve come and moved in with them again in a new country! I’m loving it here so far.


And what’s your favourite thing about the city so far?

The retro shops without a doubt, I’ve just been exploring them so far. I just love vintage shopping!


What’s something you’re excited to discover in Brighton?

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The jazz bars! My friends have said there’s some really great jazz bars in town, and I can’t wait to go to them for myself. I also really want to try Lindy Hop.


So you’re interested in music and dance?

I’m a dance teacher, so absolutely! I mostly teach children, but also jazz and hip-hop classes for adults. It’s something I’m really looking forward to starting in Brighton.


And tell us something you’re not too keen on in Brighton so far…

The giant seagulls! They’re somehow twice the size of Australian seagulls, they’re like the size of a duck back home, so yeah, not too keen on them at all.

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